Howick House Of Terror like all good home/charity haunts started 10 years ago as a halloween party for friends.  Each year the party got a little bigger. The decorations which had started as simple paper and plastic pieces became more elaborate and took over more rooms in the house.  

After the first 3 years of the party more and more people started to trick or treat our house with many neighbours asking if they could come inside so they could get a better look at what they had only glimpsed through the windows.  One neighbour even suggested the house was so well decorated we should ask for charitable donations for people to walk round. We resisted this at first as we didn't really think we were doing anything people really wanted to see. 


But then everything changed when we got "The Letter”   The letter in question was from an 8 year old girl who was a neighbour down the street. She explained how much she how much she enjoyed watching the decorations going up and coming to see the house when it was finished.  She hand delivered it with her Grandad and from that point forward we knew we wanted to do more. This was something that we really enjoyed and it was now apparent the local community enjoyed it too.  That was 5 years ago …..

Our first haunt for charity saw about 250 people visit us and we raised £500 for the North West Air Ambulance.  The Haunt grew year on year as we took over more of the house then the Garden then the Garage until we ended up with what we have now. Thats 5 custom covered rooms running the length of our driveway that we construct each year. A pitch black constricting scare maze in the garage. A fully decorated themed front and rear garden and 4 rooms in the house.  We also discovered a few years ago that commercially available halloween props available in the UK were poorly made and often not up to the task of continuous operation so we started to develop our own props. We now feature state of the art pneumatic and electric powered animatronics and video effects. In 2016 we are proud to say that every prop in howick house of terror was designed and built by ourselves. 

Our 2016 haunt was our biggest ever with over 3000 people visiting us over 3 nights raising £6000 for cancer research.  In order to do something of this magnitude it took almost 9 months of the year to design and build the set and animatronics. It then took over 2 weeks with 2 people full time and 3 people part time to construct, dress and program the set. Then for the 3 nights we were open we had around 20 volunteers per night who worked on everything from makeup, managing the queue, acting and operating the animatronics  etc. Our event is completely self funded and 100% of the donations collected go to Cancer Research.

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